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Eating Meditation – Be Awake To Eat!

Eating meditation is not a religion. Nor a trendy activity to partake. It’s not even a special skill. Eating meditation is one of the most basic mindfulness meditations that allow you to experience food in full consciousness/awareness. It’s about waking up to our everyday eating activity. Once you have first-hand experience of mindfulness meditation, you’ll realize how we take most of the things in our life for granted, yup including our meals!

Without revealing much right now, I hope you would try this eating meditation. This meditation can take anywhere between 5-10 minutes, or maybe even more once you notice more and more things as you move along.

Eating Meditation Guide:

Take a small piece of food in your hand. It can be a slice of fruits, biscuit, chocolate, chips or even a nut.
Tip: Take note of everything about the food you’re eating. Really admire it, inside out!

1. Look at the food you’re holding
Look at it as if it’s the first time you lay your eyes upon it. Take note of the colors, shapes and patterns. Is the food dry or moist? Is it lightweight? Soft? Is the texture smooth or bumpy? What does it feel like on your fingers?

2. Smell the food
What does it smells like? Salty? Savory? No scent at all? What ingredients (if any) can you detect just from smelling? Do you have the urge to eat it right away?

3. Put the food in your mouth and without chewing it for 10 seconds
Which hand did you use to put it in your mouth? Notice the position of your tongue when receiving the food. What aroma did you detect when you first place it in your mouth? Did you have the urge to chew it as soon as possible?

4. Chew the food
Feel the texture while chewing. Is it firm, soft, prickly, wet, dry? Can you distinguish the individual ingredients (if any)? Does your tongue detect any new taste the more your chew? Which part of your mouth do you chew your food? Notice what your tongue does while chewing.

5. Swallow the food
How many times did you chew before you have the intention to swallow? Can you feel the swallowing sensation of the food? Notice the position of your tongue while swallowing. Can you feel the chewed food as it moves from your throat down to your esophagus, and into your stomach?

6. The aftermath
What taste lingers in your mouth? Do you feel thirsty? Do you have the urge to grab another piece? Ignoring the mind, what do your body and heart tells you regarding the food you just ate?

While it may take you awhile to finish the food, the after-effect of mindful eating is astounding! You’ll realize you haven’t tasted your food for years. You might never even knew what the food really tastes like until now. With such great food satisfaction, you’ll eat less, be more conscious of what you’re eating, what you’re putting in your body and how you’re eating it. And when you’re more conscious, you tend to sway to a healthier lifestyle. And while you’re giving your full waking attention to eating, you’ll notice you’ll no longer focus on your daily troubles and eating problems. In fact, you’ll feel calm and grateful. Plus, you’ll start to notice the inattention you’ve given to many of your other day to day activities as well. This my friend, is the start of your awakening journey!

Now, practice to be awake in your other daily activities. Life is only worth it if you live in it! ✨🌠

How do you find the eating meditation? Any mind-boggling experiences you would like to share with the readers? Comment away below.

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