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Moderation In Moderation

Everything in moderation means whatever thing we do, we do it moderately; not too little and not too much. I live by the everything in moderation mindset especially when it comes to eating. I sometimes suffer from digestive issue, therefore I need to make sure I don’t overeat or eat too much of the same thing. Also if I love a particular food, occasionally I will eat it for consecutive days. So this saying serves as a gauging guidance for my eating habit.

I didn’t realize this isn’t a good mindset until one fine day I eat a particularly healthy food in what I considered in moderate quantity and frequency. After suffering for a couple of weeks of unknown reason of stomach discomfort, I did an elimination diet and found the cause of it. Suddenly it hit me. I’ve actually been eating too much and too often on that particular food thinking that I’m eating it moderately, but in actual it’s way over! Usually, I don’t have such issue when I eat it in small quantity and infrequently. I upped my intakes recently because I read it’s healthy and everyone’s eating it. And so if it’s healthy, I need to eat more of it moderately. That’s when things got out of control.

As you can see, eating what we deem is moderation isn’t foolproof. Why? Because there’s no way to measure moderation. What I consider is reasonable may be too little or too much for someone else or in actual fact too little or too much.

I then realize what I need is to have moderation in moderation. So instead of continuing with the everything in moderation mindset, I’m now cutting the moderation in half. Hey, at least it’s now somewhat measurable!? Moderation is halves. 😛 Of course, one also needs to have self-awareness and self-control. Without them, you’ll most likely double or triple your moderation in everything you do without realizing it. This is where eating meditation can be helpful.

Perhaps what Oscar Wilde quoted is the most appropriate?

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Do you live by the everything in moderation mindset? If yes, does it always work for you? If no, how do you tackle your eating issue?

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