Banana Bread


Banana bread? banana loaf? or banana cake? Call it what you want. What’s for sure is you want this lovely banana bread to end up in your stomach. Two slices are not enough!

*Only pickup from Klang and 3rd party delivery. Not available for standard delivery.

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Our banana bread version is moist, dense and fragrant. We use real ripe bananas, 100% butter, organic unbleached flour and unrefined raw molasses sugar. The latter lends its unique tones to the overall loaf, making it rather addictive!

Eating it just plain is good enough. However, if you would like to elevate its awesomeness apply one of these or combination: thick slabs of butter with sea salt, Greek yogurt or nut butter. What about toasting the banana bread? YES, please! Personally, I love dipping the banana bread into smoothies.

Ingredients: Ripe bananas, organic unbleached all purpose flour, unrefined raw molasses sugar, butter, egg, aluminum-free baking powder, baking soda and sea salt.

Net weight: ±750g
Packaging: Paper box, biodegradable, compostable paper & twine string
Shelf life: Consume within 2 days (room temperature), 4-5 days (fridge), 1 month (freezer)

Storage tip:
Our banana bread is not added with preservatives. Thus, it’s best eaten on the first two days when you received it. If stored in room temperature, consume within 2 days. If you’re unable to finish it, keep the leftover preferably sliced in an air-tight container in the fridge or freezer. Remove cold/frozen banana slices from fridge/freezer and allow it to go back to room temperature before consuming.

*Note: Handmade loaf may vary slightly in color, shape or texture. Please allow 2-3 days lead time as they are freshly made to order.

*Only pickup from Klang and 3rd party delivery. Not available for standard delivery.

2 reviews for Banana Bread

  1. Nic***

    It’s very nice and not too sweet. The surface is a little hard to me but is OK, I love it.

  2. Kar***

    ?… you are very generous on the walnut, we love it.

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