Celtic Sea Salt® Coarse Light Grey 400g


Celtic Sea Salt® is an authentic natural whole salt from one of the most pristine coastal regions of France.

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Celtic Sea Salt® is an important source of sodium chloride, which in small amounts is vital for good health. Celtic Sea Salt® also provides magnesium, potassium and other important nutrients and as well as a trace amount of iodine, but not enough to meet specific dietary recommendations.

Celtic Sea Salt® imparts a rich, exceptional flavor that enhances the taste of any dish. Use as a replacement for ordinary table salt for cooking, baking or seasoning dishes.

Celtic Sea Salt® coarse light grey features:
❤️ Hand-harvested by the Paludiers (salt farmers) of Brittany and dried by the sun and wind using a time-honored farming method that preserves the balance of ocean minerals.
❤️ Each salt harvest is carefully inspected and the cream of the crop is hand-selected to bear the name of Celtic Sea Salt®.
❤️ Contains a natural balance of over 80 vital minerals and elements including natural occurring iodine (20-40mg/kg).
❤️ Recommended by many health professionals and culinary chefs.
❤️ No anti-caking agent.
❤️ No bleaching agent.
❤️ No other additives of any kind.
❤️ Unrefined & sustainable.
❤️ Quality certified.
❤️ Exquisite taste.
❤️ Alkaline PH.
❤️ Certified halal.
❤️ “Nature et Progrès” quality label. Free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals.
❤️ Non-GMO.
❤️ NEW ziplock packaging for easy storage.

Origin: France
Net weight: 400g
Packaging: Plastic pack
Best before: 14th April 2027

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.


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