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I believe that many of us are deficient in iodine today. The three halogens (lower atomic weight than iodine) namely bromine, fluorine (man-made fluoride) & chlorine which are found overabundance in our modern world can easily displace iodine and take its place. It’s why we have an IODINE CRISIS going on.

J. Crow’s® LLC Lugol’s Solution of Iodine is one of the forms of iodine recommended by health practitioners like Dr Guy Abraham (bless his soul), Dr David Brownstein and Dr Jorge Flechas.

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I think everyone knows that iodine is needed for the proper functioning of our thyroid. But do you know that in actual our whole body needs iodine to function, not just the thyroid? I didn’t know that but knew better now. The intriguing thing is that different parts of our body require different form of iodine (iodine and/or iodide).

For examples:
* Breast tissue concentrates iodine.
* Thyroid, skin & prostate gland primarily are concentrated with iodide.
* Liver, spleen & kidneys can concentrate both forms.

Do you have dry eyes, falling hair, dry skin, brain fog or period problem? It could be tied to iodine deficiency.

J.CROW’S® Lugol’s Solution is made from premium ingredients, USA sourced, USA made and contains distilled water 94%, potassium iodide 4% and iodine 2%. The iodine is derived from mined crystals from 320 million year old natural brine deposits two miles beneath the earth’s surface in Western USA (one of the few places in the world where such deposits exist) and is NOT made from shellfish.

The water used is distilled, pure, New Hampshire spring water. The 2 oz bottle, contains approximately 1200 vertical drops. For information on Lugol’s verified low heavy metal, click here.

Ingredients: Distilled water 94%, potassium iodide 4% and iodine 2%.

Net weight: 60ml (2 oz.).
Packaging: Glass bottle, natural rubber dropper & glass pipette. *We will include one extra dropper for free.
Shelf life: Always fresh. Does not expire.

1. What is the number of mg’s of Iodine and Iodide per drop of Lugol’s 2%?
One vertical drop of Lugol’s 2% = 1/20ml, approximately 1mg iodine and 2mg potassium iodide. The iodide portion of potassium iodide is about 75% = ~1.5mg.
Total iodine + iodide = 1mg + 1.5mg = 2.5mg

Two vertical drops is about 5mg (iodine 2mg + iodide 3mg)

2. What can I use Lugol’s for?
Some of the usages are: Making purified water by adding 3-6 drops per litre of water, for iodine protocol or for topical use (skin). For skin, make sure to mix Lugol’s with oil e.g. coconut oil before applying on your skin so that it will stink less/none. Else it will stink REAL bad. 😛

3. How do I store Lugol’s Solution of Iodine?
Store in room temperature away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not needed. The most important thing is to keep the bottle upright. Storage condition may affect the quality of the dropper due to its natural rubber characteristic.

4. Can I consume the solution directly?
No. Please mix the solution with an acidic liquid. You can mix in water with apple cider vinegar, smoothie, coffee, tea, etc.

5. I am having difficulty opening the tamper-evident dropper cap. What can I do about it?
Run the cap under hot running water/soak the cap part in hot water for 10-30 seconds. Try a few more times if it’s still not able to open.

6. My dropper is depressed/malformed/disfigured/hardened. Can I still use it?
Due to the temperature and pressure during shipping, storage method/conditions/time and as well as the characteristics of iodine which is a corrosive halogen & drying agent, the natural rubber dropper can dry out.

The answer is depends. If the dropper is able to produce a single drop, then you can still use it. We will send you an extra dropper free of charge together with your order.

7. Why do some bottles have lesser volume than the other?
Due to evaporation, the solution in the bottle may be reduced in volume. If so, you may add a little distilled water.

8. The solution stained my clothes, etc. How do I clean it?
No worry. Usually, the stain will disappear within a few hours or a few days.

IMPORTANT: Keep away from children.

*Note: The Lugol’s solution of iodine may vary slightly in color due to storage conditions, temperature, etc. Always ready stock.

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