Kurma Safia Bertangkai Tunisia 500g Yusuf Taiyoob Dates (Season 2021)


Kurma Safia bertangkai is one of Yusuf Taiyoob’s bestseller dates. You’ll know why once you try it or is already a big fan.

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Kurma Safia bertangkai is a less sweet branched date, also known as the queen of all dates (ratu kurma). It’s light brown in color and is firm on the outside and soft inside. It’s the people’s favorite date!

Common name: Branched deglet nour
Grade: 1
Size: L
Origin: Tunisia
Weight: 500g
Shelf life: Nov/2022 (2 years from the date of packing)
Quantity: 1 box

Keep cool, dry and refrigerated.

*Note: The dates may vary slightly in color and taste due to their natural nature.


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