Radiant Baking Powder Aluminium Free 150g


Do you know that aluminium is toxic? This means that aluminium is very bad for health. Do you know that high levels of aluminium are abnormally found in the brain of Alzheimer patients? Yes. Most baking powder in the market contains sodium aluminium sulfate, a form of aluminium and it has a bitter taste too.

That’s why Radiant baking powder is aluminium free!

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Radiant baking powder is a double-acting baking powder. It is fast-acting whereby 2/3 of the reaction takes place in the mixing bowl while the other 1/3 takes place in the oven.

Radiant baking powder features:
1. Aluminium free.
2. Non-GMO cornstarch.
3. Suitable for all baking needs.

Ingredients: Monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate(baking soda), Non-GMO cornstarch.

Origin: USA
Net weight: 150g
Packaging: Plastic pack
Best before: 7th January 2024


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