Radiant Organic Kokoa Powder Unsweetened Cocoa 200g

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Come enjoy Radiant organic unsweetened kokoa powder with distinctive flavors and smooth cocoa texture.

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Radiant organic kokoa powder is made from high-quality cocoa beans that are grown and harvested by farmer cooperatives from the deep lush jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. The cocoa beans are carefully roasted, finely ground and pressed to release the essence of dark, rich chocolate.

Radiant organic kokoa powder features:
1. Certified organic.
2. Non-GMO.
3. Processed without alkaline. Means it’s natural & untreated & has higher antioxidant versus alkalized cocoa.
4. Unsweetened.
5. Suitable for all baking needs & drink mixes like hot cocoa!

Ingredients: 100% cocoa beans.

Origin: Peru
Net weight: 200g
Packaging: Plastic container
Best before: 5th June 2024

2 reviews for Radiant Organic Kokoa Powder Unsweetened Cocoa 200g

  1. sal***

    ~ Shopee customer

  2. azd***

    Quality: ori
    Fist Time dapat packing macam hadiah? .xcukup 1 balut, tambah 2, xcukup tambah 3…apa2 terbaik ??
    ~ Shopee customer

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