[Clearance] Radiant Organic Soba Buckwheat Noodles 240g


Radiant noodles are specially crafted from generations of expertise combining both Asian traditions and modern technology.

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Radiant noodles are made from heirloom organic wheat varieties specially milled fresh to make good quality noodles. Enjoy!

Radiant organic soba buckwheat noodles features:
1. Certified organic.
2. Non-GMO.
3. No preservatives.
4. No additives.
5. No coloring.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic buckwheat flour & natural sea salt.

Origin: China
Net weight: 240g
Packaging: Plastic pack
Best by: 11th March 2023

1. How do you cook the noodles?
Cook the noodles in boiling water for 5-8 mins. Stir occasionally. Then rinse the noodles in cold water, giving it a quick stir and drain off excess water. It’s ready to serve with piping hot soup or gravy with vegetables of your choice.

2. What are some recipe ideas to use these noodles?
? Chilled noodles to serve with an appetizing dipping sauce.
? Stir fry with vegetables or toss with salad.
? Noodles soup with meat and vegetables of your choice.
? Suitable to serve noodles in rice wraps.


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