Really Raw Honey with Pollen, Propolis & Honeycomb


In my quest searching for the most REAL honey, I arrived upon this jar of Really Raw Honey. My quest is on a long halt for now as I savour the fragrance & sweet floral nectar in this jar. This honey is harvested straight from the hive and into the jar, never barreled, heated or strained.

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Really Raw Honey has a beautiful floral aroma and is dense in texture. It’s all thanks to the local varieties of wildflowers the hardworking bees foraged. One whiff of the honey will transport you to a beautiful garden filled with different types of sweet-smelling fragrant flowers.

Really Raw Honey features:
1. The raw honey contains pollen, propolis and honeycomb.
2. Never barreled.
2. Unheated (raw).
3. Never strained.
4. Harvested straight from the hive and into the jar.
5. Aromatic honey.
5. Dense honey.
6. Harvested on small family farms in the USA.

Enjoy Really Raw Honey right from the spoon, drizzle on food and drinks, and use as a substitute for other sweeteners.

Ingredients: Raw honey containing pollen, propolis and honeycomb.

Net weight: 1 lb (453g)
Packaging: Glass bottle
Expiry date: November 2024

1. What type of spoon should I use to scoop the honey?
You should always use either a wooden spoon or a ceramic spoon. Make sure the spoon is clean and dry.

2. How do I store this honey?
Store the honey in a cool place in room temperature, away from sunlight.

3. Does this honey expire?
Really Raw Honey doesn’t expire because raw honey never spoils. It will last indefinitely.

4. The honey is too thick and I’m unable to scoop it. What can I do?
Place the jar in warm water to soften it.

5. Help! What is the chewing gum-like thing I’m eating?
It’s actually called honey “cappings” or “Farmer’s Chewing Gum”. They are the crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen and propolis that crown the jar of Really Raw Honey. Though it feels weird initially, I, myself now enjoy chewing the cap and eat it.

*Note: This Really Raw Honey may vary slightly in color & consistency due to it being naturally harvested. Always ready stock.

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