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Moderation In Moderation

Everything in moderation means whatever thing we do, we do it moderately; not too little and not too much. I live by the everything in moderation mindset especially when it comes to eating. I sometimes suffer from digestive issue, therefore I need to make sure I don’t overeat or eat too much of the same thing. Also if I love a particular food, occasionally I will eat it for consecutive days. So this saying serves as a gauging guidance for my eating habit.
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Eating Meditation – Be Awake To Eat!

Eating meditation is not a religion. Nor a trendy activity to partake. It’s not even a special skill. Eating meditation is one of the most basic mindfulness meditations that allow you to experience food in full consciousness/awareness. It’s about waking up to our everyday eating activity. Once you have first-hand experience of mindfulness meditation, you’ll realize how we take most of the things in our life for granted, yup including our meals!
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10 Simple Tips To Assist You In Mindful Eating Practices

What does mindful eating means?

The word mindful means being conscious or aware. Mindful eating is to eat consciously or in awareness. Simply, it means to pay attention to the eating process. Your whole being concentrating on the eating actions; from the shape of the food, smell, texture to the taste of the food. When you pay attention to what you’re eating, you get better food satisfaction, and are in control of what you put in your mouth. In fact, mindful eating is one of the meditation practices for mindfulness.
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