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Healthy Yogurt Bowl

I’m a big fan of natural plain yogurt. The main reason I choose natural plain over flavored yogurt is that the latter almost always add sugar, preservatives, coloring and/or stablizer. This doesn’t mean that all natural plain yogurt is free from these ingredients. You can learn how to choose the best healthy natural yogurt in this article. Because… don’t we all deserve the best?
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How To Choose The Best Healthy Natural Yogurt

Do you like yogurt? A few years back, I would have said no. I’m a fan of yogurt now. In fact very much. Why the change? I decided to eat healthily and along the way learned how to read food ingredients.

You see, I was never a yogurt person. And even if I eat yogurt, I would usually go for the flavored kinds such as berries yogurt, mango yogurt, etc. That was until I found out these flavored yogurts have additional sugar, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, preservatives, additive or stabilizer added to it. Since then, I’ve switched to the natural kind, which is the plain type. ~ Amy
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