Kraut Gut Shot


A kraut gut shot a day keeps the doctor away!

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Kraut gut shot is the beautiful liquid gold by-product of our popular lacto-fermented sauerkraut with juniper berries ferment. It’s probiotically rich, teamed with good bacteria and wonderful for the gut.

All our raw ferments are unheated and unpasteurised to maintain the utmost living goodness of probiotics in fermented food. No water or vinegar is added to the sauerkraut. The juice/brine aka kraut gut shot comes from the water drawn out from the cabbage + salt.

As the name suggests, use our kraut gut shot as a daily shot (a teaspoon or two). You can also add it to smoothies, drinks, soups, salad dressings, sauces, etc. Make sure the food is not hot when you add the gut shot as we want to preserve the goodness of living ferments.

We don’t sieve the gut shot, so you may find bits and pieces of cabbage and/or juniper berries.

Our naturally fermented kraut gut shot is paleo-friendly, keto-friendly and vegetarian-friendly.

Not to be used for more than 4-6 weeks in succession. Do not consume juniper berries during pregnancy and for those with inflammatory kidney disease.

Ingredients: Organic cabbage/regular cabbage, sea salt and juniper berries.

Net weight: 110g or 200g
Packaging: Glass bottle
Shelf life: Consume within 6 months (opened & refrigerated) or 1 year (unopened & refrigerated).

*Note: Our ferments will vary in taste, texture and color with each bottle and batch (the nature of wild & lacto-fermentation). Keep refrigerated.


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